MABAS (Mutual Aid Box Alarm System) is a partnership with IEMA (Illinois Emergency Management Agency) and has established a statewide, non-discriminatory mutual aid response system for fire, EMS and specialized incident operational teams.  

Sharing this effort are representatives from the Office of the State Fire Marshal, Department of Public Health – EMS Division and Illinois Fire Chiefs Association.  

The system defines a resource response plan to any location within the state when the Governor orders a Declaration of Disaster. 

For more information about MABAS go to www.mabas-IL.org

MABAS Division 31 was formed in July 2001 and it currently consists of 19 fire departments/districts/organizations. It has a unique validated TRT and hazmat team that is comprised of at least 4 different divisions. 



MABAS Division 31 By-laws (pdf)


MABAS Division 31 Members

 Abingdon F.P.D.

Altona F.P.D.

Bishop Hill F.P.D.

Clover Township F.P.D.

East Galesburg V.F.D.

Elba-Salem F.P.D. (Yates City)

Galesburg Ambulance Service

Galesburg Fire Dept.

Galva F.P.D.

Henderson F.P.D.

Knoxville F.P.D.

LaFayette F.P.D.

Maquon F.P.D.

Oneida-Wataga F.P.D.

Rio F.P.D.

Rivoli F.P.D.

Victoria-Copley F.P.D.

Williamsfield F.P.D.


President- Larry Cowser

Clover Fire Dept

P: 309-368-1049

E: lcowser@divcominc.net

Vice President- Randy Hovind

Galesburg Fire Dept

Secretary- Kelsy Pacheco

Maquon Fire Dept  Galesburg/Knox County 911 Dispatcher

Treasurer- Greg Peck

Bishop Hill Fire Dept